Dinerware Customer Care Kit (Full)

Contains most of the same Documents that are listed on this page separately……. just in one, easy to download, PDF file. Go ahead and grab this if you just want to get pretty much all the info you could need to run you Dinerware system. If you are looking for one specific topic, it may be worth looking through the options below.

How To: Clock In

Learn how to clock in, select a job, check personal messages, access a shift report and clock out.

How To: Edit Shifts

The edit shift feature allows a manager to quickly correct any clock in or clock out errors before finalizing payroll.

About Taxes In Dinerware

This is just an overview. Be sure to consult with your accountant before making any changes to these.

Cash Handling Guide

Server Banking, Cashier Banking, Cash Drawers, Balancing, Tip Sharing, End of Day, etc……

Gift Card FAQ

This information pertains ONLY to the¬†Dinerware Built-In Gift Card System…NOT Heartland Gift Marketing.